I've had some success linking Substack and YouTube together, though it's been more helpful to have written content on Substack to complement the YouTube content.

One thing I will note is that YouTube's algorithm works extremely well on its own. I've had a little bit of luck getting new readers by linking to my Substack from YouTube.

I do think this depends on your niche, however. My idea has been to do a type of "let's play" video with more information in the blog. On my Football Manager page, for example, I try to make the videos similar to Lollujo and the blog content similar to the popular Football Manager Stories stuff that you can find on the game's forums. The idea is to have more material for those who enjoy the videos, and to also have more material for those who enjoy the stories — but without cutting out on either of those content streams.

Also — my concern about YouTube Shorts is whether those short clicks will actually lead to subscribers who engage with longer form content. I prefer longer form content because it allows you to tell stories, which is the reason why most of us watch videos and read blogs. It's kind of hard to tell a compelling story in 25 seconds.

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I'm at the beginning of my social media journey with my Substack and YouTube channel. I did not even consider people might decide to unsubscribe due to video embed in the newsletter. Many thanks for posting!

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